Promoting your blog using articles

Article submission sites are one way to get your blog noticed and to build back links. Article Submit is a site where you can submit an article with two relevant links in the article and two in the resource box.

This is mainly a linkbuilding process so you should use sites that give you do-follow links, the large sites do not give you do-follow links, but you could get traffic from them. So keep that in mind, you have two purposes traffic and linkjuice.  The large sites will also check to make sure that your article is unique where as the smaller sites will take articles that have already been distributed.

My plan is to write 3-4 articles at once, one for Ezine and one for article base because both of those sites articles end up syndicated somewhere else and I can get traffic from them. Then one to the smaller article submission sites. Once Ezine and article base accept the submission then I distribute it to the smaller sites. I recycle the articles as much as possible.

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How to get traffic to your new weblog this week

I am going to post a simple method to get your site indexed and where to get links quick along with traffic from those links.

After you have done ten posts then simply follow these steps:

  • Put your posts in some social bookmarking sites like this: Social Bookmarking You can find more by Searching for “List of Pligg sites”
  • Login to your yahoo account and go to “My Yahoo” then subscribe to your own rss feed. This will help you get indexed by yahoo fast
  • Submit your site to directories, here is one Free US Directory You can also use Easy Submits they semi automatically submit you to about 400 directories.
  • Set up your site with feedburner and then submit it to rss directories. I like Iping its free and it submits you feed to multiple sites.
  • Join some webmaster forums like digital point and ask for a review of your site.
  • Join a few forums related to your topic and if allowed put a url to your site in your signature
  • Comment on some blogs with a similar topic as yours make sure to include your website url in the field provided.
  • Guest blog with someone who has a popular blog in your category
  • Submit an article to ezine articles
  • submit a different article to article trader, It cost $14 dollars for the automated submition but it is well worth it, it would take you hours to do the same.

Good luck

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Caffeine: Google Search, should you change your SEO?

So Google has a new search index called caffeine. The question is, how much time are you going to spend trying to figure out the new algorithm? How much time are you going to spend watching new Google videos on youtube about the new index? Is Your static site not going to be indexed?

You are going to waste a lot of time if you sit there worrying about all of this. Yes I said it, WASTING time. All you need to know about SEO is stated in this paragraph. When you set up a new site or change your old site consider the user. Is your site a great site or are you cranking out mediocre websites or blogs. Spend some time getting to know your users and you will have a great site that they link to. This is your SEO plan: create a great site then post enough links to get to a PR of 1-3. That is all you need, once you get traffic from the search engines and your promotion methods then people will start linking to you, those will be naturally occurring links which Google loves.

There you have it, don’t worry about how Google is indexing your site but instead how users are indexing it. Of course you should submit a sitemap and all of the normal things like rss(if its a blog), press release xml(if its a press release site) etc but don’t try to manipulate the system just drink your coffee and create a great site as the caffeine hits you….

Official Google Blog: Our new search index: Caffeine

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Why Google is ruining the internet

I am a webmaster and I spend a lot of time creating websites and I also spend a lot of time link building. The second part is something that Google has caused to be a problem on the internet.

They rank sites by the number of links going to the site. Each link is counted as a vote according to google, this part I understand. People normally link to sites that they like but this system can be manipulated. I create a number of sites. many of them are aesthetically pleasing and they also have alot of good content. Having a good site isn’t good enough. I have to have a large number of links in order to pop up in search results.

Here is where the problem lies. Links can be created by anybody on any site, so it is simply the person that creates the most links that gets the most traffic. This has created spamnet, there are people like me along with bots that simply go around trying to create links. The bots would be eliminated if links were not a priority and I would not have to spam as many sites as I have to.

As a webmaster, my priorities should be to create a quality website with good content. Here are two examples: manufacturers directory and Free US Directory. Manufacturers Directory is a quality directory using Joomla and a directory plugin. Free US Directory is a PHPLD script directory. Manufacturers Directory is a high quality site in which the users can put a full detail page, many links, images and a logo. This site will not get as much traffic because I do not require reciprocal links, and the Free Directory has an option for a reciprocal link which means it will build page rank. Manufacturers when looking for a directory to be included in will find the Free US Directory before they find the Manufacturers Directory even though the Manufacturers Directory would be the better option to list their site in.

The effect of this is that in order to increase traffic to our sites we must spam other sites. Some examples of bot spamming are: comment spam, directory spam, twitter spam and forum spam. Some examples of webmaster spam are: Dummy sites, comment spam, forum spam and blog spam. Blog spam is the use of free or paid wordpress or blogger blogs with just barely enough content to get indexed. As you can see many useless pages have been created by using these methods and these dummy pages along with the dummy sites will pop up in google, even though more relevant content could have been shown.

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Free content for your web blog

So you are having trouble thinking of what to write about in your free web blog…. Don’t worry about it. If you are using blogger then you can just go find a good video on youtube that is related to your topic. Underneath the video is a share button, click on that and a couple of options pop up. As long as you are using the same google account for blogger and youtube then a page will pop up letting you post the video to your blog.

You can add some text, about 250 words would be good and there you have it an easy blog post. If you want to post it to your wordpress web blog then you would have to open up wordpress start a new post and copy then paste the embed code that is on the bottom of the video, so it is a little easier to just grab videos for your blogger account.

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Link your bloggers together

One somewhat seo method I have used is to have a couple of blogs linked together by the nav bar in the theme. In blogger you can edit the html so I have about four blogs all with the same theme but different titles so that search engines send traffic to me for the variations within the subject. I have not used this blog in a while but you can see it in action here: . In the nav bar you will notice that it has; video game reviews and video game trailers, those are both separate blogs.

Each gets its own traffic and then they see more information so the different blogs transfer traffic between each other. This is just one more strategy to put together with your free web blogs.

Once you move on to self hosted blogs you can do something similar, I have Camcorder HD and Camera DSLR both sites are similar topics so I link the two together when ever I can. I have many more sites but try to limit the links to only sites that are a similar topic. If you are viewing a gaming site, you might not be interested in a mortgage blog so it is a waste of time to link them together.

That’s my tip for the day.

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One easy way to create content

For a lot of subjects it might not be you that is the expert so You might want to grab someone else’s content. I do that by embedding youtube videos. It is good for the person making the videos also because youtube puts a priority on highly viewed and linked to videos.

You can see that my whole site: Adobe CS5 is with youtube videos. I created this site in about two hours last night. Here is a post: It takes a long time to create a video but videos do not have any seo value so you must ad some text, all I have done is grab the text from the description but if you take a little time to write your own description then your post will have high seo value, you will have unique content. In the process make sure to use your keywords in a few sentences. For this example the words flash and the oval tool would be good ones.

Thats my tip for the day.

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Direct hit titles

When creating you free web blog you should consider the title. This is easier when you own your own domain but can be done with free ones also. For example take the title of this blog: Web Blog, that gets a good number of searches per month according to google’s keyword tool.

When I purchase domains I always consider what people are searching for. This week I bought and set up so that traffic will be targeted to the us because of the ending but It won’t make much money because there are not that many people paying for the keyword. But I bought it anyways hoping that it gets some traffic and it gets some followers.

Then you should create categories and posts that go along with those keywords. For example if you have a blog about adobe then you should have a post about a photoshop tutorial. The category could be tutorial and the post title should say something about photoshop.

While you are here please check out my Adobe CS5 site.

That’s my quick tip for the day.

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How can I promote my free Web Blog

Submit Your site to Directories

There are many directories to choose from and you should spend some time submitting your site to them. I have a free directory @ Free US Directory or if you have an industrial site I have a Premium Industrial Directory.

The problem with submitting to directories is that the take a lot of time. A site has streamlined this process. You enter your information and category and then simple click on each directory that you want to submit to, I did about 200 directories in 2 hours.

RSS Directories

I normally run my rss feeds through feedburner and then take the feed and submit it to rss directories. There are a lot of them just Google rss directory. Once you have about ten good posts then make sure to submit it to That is a poplular place to discuss blogs.

That should be enough to get you started.

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Monetize Your Free Web Blog

When you log in to blogger you will see a list of blogs, if you have created one already. You can manage your blogs from that screen. I have 18 blogger blogs. That is 18 free web blogs, all free that I can use for personal or business use.

Monetize Your Free Web Blog


From the panel on the right hand side under each blog you will see a monetize link. Click on that. If you have created an adsense account then your earings will be listed here, if not then you will have a link to apply for an adsense account.

Once you are approved for an adsense account you can place ads on your free blogger blog by clicking on layout from the main menu underneath the title of your blog.

Depending on you customization you should see three areas that say “add a gadget” click on that. part of the way down you will see a gadget/widget for adsense. From that screen you can customize your ads. You should try a wide one for the top a long one for the side and a wide one for the bottom to start out. You should also play around with the layout and see which one get the best results on your free web blog.adsense has rules, learn about them

Affiliate Programs

There are hundreds of affiliate programs. Some of the top affiliate programs for your free web blog are Commission Junction, Linkshare, Google and Share A Sale. You should apply for one program to start out with. Linkshare is a good one to start out with because they have a number of mediums to present your ads.

The first step would be to experiment with different types of banners. Affiliates provide you with a code that you can place into your gadget/widget from the blogger dashboard, the same way you entered your adsense, but this time you are going to choose HTML/JavaScript. The next step is to copy the code from your affiliate program and paste it into the widget panel.

The Difference Between Adsense And Affiliate Programs

Adsense is a pay per click program and affiliate programs are pay per lead or pay per sale. Pay per click is going to benefit you each time someone clicks on any particular ad. The downside to this is, it’s not much money per click unless you can orient your free web blog towards high paying keywords. The upside to affiliate programs is that you get to choose the ads you place on your free web blog. The downside is if that company does not convert well, you don’t get paid.

Thank you for reading my blog, I’ll teach you more in the future about monetizing your free web blog.

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