Monetize Your Free Web Blog

When you log in to blogger you will see a list of blogs, if you have created one already. You can manage your blogs from that screen. I have 18 blogger blogs. That is 18 free web blogs, all free that I can use for personal or business use.

Monetize Your Free Web Blog


From the panel on the right hand side under each blog you will see a monetize link. Click on that. If you have created an adsense account then your earings will be listed here, if not then you will have a link to apply for an adsense account.

Once you are approved for an adsense account you can place ads on your free blogger blog by clicking on layout from the main menu underneath the title of your blog.

Depending on you customization you should see three areas that say “add a gadget” click on that. part of the way down you will see a gadget/widget for adsense. From that screen you can customize your ads. You should try a wide one for the top a long one for the side and a wide one for the bottom to start out. You should also play around with the layout and see which one get the best results on your free web blog.adsense has rules, learn about them

Affiliate Programs

There are hundreds of affiliate programs. Some of the top affiliate programs for your free web blog are Commission Junction, Linkshare, Google and Share A Sale. You should apply for one program to start out with. Linkshare is a good one to start out with because they have a number of mediums to present your ads.

The first step would be to experiment with different types of banners. Affiliates provide you with a code that you can place into your gadget/widget from the blogger dashboard, the same way you entered your adsense, but this time you are going to choose HTML/JavaScript. The next step is to copy the code from your affiliate program and paste it into the widget panel.

The Difference Between Adsense And Affiliate Programs

Adsense is a pay per click program and affiliate programs are pay per lead or pay per sale. Pay per click is going to benefit you each time someone clicks on any particular ad. The downside to this is, it’s not much money per click unless you can orient your free web blog towards high paying keywords. The upside to affiliate programs is that you get to choose the ads you place on your free web blog. The downside is if that company does not convert well, you don’t get paid.

Thank you for reading my blog, I’ll teach you more in the future about monetizing your free web blog.

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