Direct hit titles

When creating you free web blog you should consider the title. This is easier when you own your own domain but can be done with free ones also. For example take the title of this blog: Web Blog, that gets a good number of searches per month according to google’s keyword tool.

When I purchase domains I always consider what people are searching for. This week I bought and set up so that traffic will be targeted to the us because of the ending but It won’t make much money because there are not that many people paying for the keyword. But I bought it anyways hoping that it gets some traffic and it gets some followers.

Then you should create categories and posts that go along with those keywords. For example if you have a blog about adobe then you should have a post about a photoshop tutorial. The category could be tutorial and the post title should say something about photoshop.

While you are here please check out my Adobe CS5 site.

That’s my quick tip for the day.

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