One easy way to create content

For a lot of subjects it might not be you that is the expert so You might want to grab someone else’s content. I do that by embedding youtube videos. It is good for the person making the videos also because youtube puts a priority on highly viewed and linked to videos.

You can see that my whole site: Adobe CS5 is with youtube videos. I created this site in about two hours last night. Here is a post: It takes a long time to create a video but videos do not have any seo value so you must ad some text, all I have done is grab the text from the description but if you take a little time to write your own description then your post will have high seo value, you will have unique content. In the process make sure to use your keywords in a few sentences. For this example the words flash and the oval tool would be good ones.

Thats my tip for the day.

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