Link your bloggers together

One somewhat seo method I have used is to have a couple of blogs linked together by the nav bar in the theme. In blogger you can edit the html so I have about four blogs all with the same theme but different titles so that search engines send traffic to me for the variations within the subject. I have not used this blog in a while but you can see it in action here: . In the nav bar you will notice that it has; video game reviews and video game trailers, those are both separate blogs.

Each gets its own traffic and then they see more information so the different blogs transfer traffic between each other. This is just one more strategy to put together with your free web blogs.

Once you move on to self hosted blogs you can do something similar, I have Camcorder HD and Camera DSLR both sites are similar topics so I link the two together when ever I can. I have many more sites but try to limit the links to only sites that are a similar topic. If you are viewing a gaming site, you might not be interested in a mortgage blog so it is a waste of time to link them together.

That’s my tip for the day.

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