Why Google is ruining the internet

I am a webmaster and I spend a lot of time creating websites and I also spend a lot of time link building. The second part is something that Google has caused to be a problem on the internet.

They rank sites by the number of links going to the site. Each link is counted as a vote according to google, this part I understand. People normally link to sites that they like but this system can be manipulated. I create a number of sites. many of them are aesthetically pleasing and they also have alot of good content. Having a good site isn’t good enough. I have to have a large number of links in order to pop up in search results.

Here is where the problem lies. Links can be created by anybody on any site, so it is simply the person that creates the most links that gets the most traffic. This has created spamnet, there are people like me along with bots that simply go around trying to create links. The bots would be eliminated if links were not a priority and I would not have to spam as many sites as I have to.

As a webmaster, my priorities should be to create a quality website with good content. Here are two examples: manufacturers directory and Free US Directory. Manufacturers Directory is a quality directory using Joomla and a directory plugin. Free US Directory is a PHPLD script directory. Manufacturers Directory is a high quality site in which the users can put a full detail page, many links, images and a logo. This site will not get as much traffic because I do not require reciprocal links, and the Free Directory has an option for a reciprocal link which means it will build page rank. Manufacturers when looking for a directory to be included in will find the Free US Directory before they find the Manufacturers Directory even though the Manufacturers Directory would be the better option to list their site in.

The effect of this is that in order to increase traffic to our sites we must spam other sites. Some examples of bot spamming are: comment spam, directory spam, twitter spam and forum spam. Some examples of webmaster spam are: Dummy sites, comment spam, forum spam and blog spam. Blog spam is the use of free or paid wordpress or blogger blogs with just barely enough content to get indexed. As you can see many useless pages have been created by using these methods and these dummy pages along with the dummy sites will pop up in google, even though more relevant content could have been shown.

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