Caffeine: Google Search, should you change your SEO?

So Google has a new search index called caffeine. The question is, how much time are you going to spend trying to figure out the new algorithm? How much time are you going to spend watching new Google videos on youtube about the new index? Is Your static site not going to be indexed?

You are going to waste a lot of time if you sit there worrying about all of this. Yes I said it, WASTING time. All you need to know about SEO is stated in this paragraph. When you set up a new site or change your old site consider the user. Is your site a great site or are you cranking out mediocre websites or blogs. Spend some time getting to know your users and you will have a great site that they link to. This is your SEO plan: create a great site then post enough links to get to a PR of 1-3. That is all you need, once you get traffic from the search engines and your promotion methods then people will start linking to you, those will be naturally occurring links which Google loves.

There you have it, don’t worry about how Google is indexing your site but instead how users are indexing it. Of course you should submit a sitemap and all of the normal things like rss(if its a blog), press release xml(if its a press release site) etc but don’t try to manipulate the system just drink your coffee and create a great site as the caffeine hits you….

Official Google Blog: Our new search index: Caffeine

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