How to get traffic to your new weblog this week

I am going to post a simple method to get your site indexed and where to get links quick along with traffic from those links.

After you have done ten posts then simply follow these steps:

  • Put your posts in some social bookmarking sites like this: Social Bookmarking You can find more by Searching for “List of Pligg sites”
  • Login to your yahoo account and go to “My Yahoo” then subscribe to your own rss feed. This will help you get indexed by yahoo fast
  • Submit your site to directories, here is one Free US Directory You can also use Easy Submits they semi automatically submit you to about 400 directories.
  • Set up your site with feedburner and then submit it to rss directories. I like Iping its free and it submits you feed to multiple sites.
  • Join some webmaster forums like digital point and ask for a review of your site.
  • Join a few forums related to your topic and if allowed put a url to your site in your signature
  • Comment on some blogs with a similar topic as yours make sure to include your website url in the field provided.
  • Guest blog with someone who has a popular blog in your category
  • Submit an article to ezine articles
  • submit a different article to article trader, It cost $14 dollars for the automated submition but it is well worth it, it would take you hours to do the same.

Good luck

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